Rescue Groups We Support

Whyte Ridge Veterinary Hospital works closely with organizations that rescue, assist, rehome, and rehab animals. We believe in giving back to the community and helping those animals that are in need of our care to the fullest of our ability. It's not always simple or easy, but the rewards are enormous. Please take a moment to discover the following organizations and their amazing work:

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation

The goal of this non-profit centre is to rehabilitate wildlife that has sustained injuries or been orphaned and needs treatment to be able to survive in the wild. They cater to a large range of species such as owls, falcons, woodchucks, turtles, foxes, bobcats, and many, many more. Our exotics veterinarian, Dr. Davidson, takes pleasure in providing medical care for their often-unique animals and improving their chances of returning to their natural habitat. Over the years, we've seen many interesting cases and gained an appreciation for all the wonderful work they do.

You can read their stories, receive news, make a contribution, and more here.