Our Team

Hello, my name is Rachel H!

I started at Whyte Ridge in 2019, and graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Red River College in 2023. My special interests in the clinic are reptile and avian surgical procedures, and client education. I’m always available for a chat! 

I've always loved animals, and started my menagerie with two gerbils when I was 13. Although Sweetie and Poppy aren't with us anymore, they did pave the way for my current herd: Blue the Dog, Chihiro the Conure, Peanut the Tarantula, Pharaoh the Dumeril Boa, Brunch and Crocodilly the Gargoyle Geckos, sweet rescue bunny Jim Hopper, and Hedy Lamarr the Bearded Dragon. I also spent 6 years working with farm animals, including cows, llamas, and emus. 

In my spare time I love watching horror movies, playing DnD, supporting the local Winnipeg Professional Wrestling ring, and choreographing stage fights for local theatre productions.

Hello, my name is Sam! 

I graduated from the Veterinary Office Assistant Program at Robertson College in 2019 and joined the WRVH team in the fall of 2021.

I have always been extremely passionate about animals of all kinds, though I have a special place in my heart for the scaled variety! I currently own 2 leopard geckos named Derp and Tiny Tim and have owned a variety of reptile species over the years. I also have a dwarf tarantula named Marigold and spent 18 wonderful years with my cat, Shiloh. 

I hope to attend Red River College to complete the Veterinary Technology program in the near future and am excited for the knowledge I will gain here on the way!

Hello, my name is Melissa S!

I am one of the RVTs at WRVH and I started working here in October 2021. I absolutely love the variety of patients I see here at Whyte Ridge now - not only do I see dogs and cats but I see birds, reptiles, and pocket pets oh my! It is safe to say I have a new found interest in exotic animal medicine.

I have a rottweiler mix named Penguin and three cats named Jet, Peanut and Maple. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and my pets.

Hello, my name is Melissa K!

I finished the Vet Tech Program at Red River College in 2021 and I started working at WRVH in January of 2023!

I've always had a love for animals so I am grateful to be working my dream job. I have a 5 year old Border Collie named Daisy, 2 cats named Dazzle (3 years old) and Jewels (7 years old). In my spare time I like to watch anime, eat cheesecake (especially if it’s from the Cheesecake Factory), and to go on hikes!

Hello, my name is Riley!

I joined the Whyte Ridge Vet team in June 2023 after completing the Registered Vet Tech program at Red River College. 

I have been working with small, large, exotic and wild animals since 2017 and am so happy I get to continue working with similar patients here! 

When I'm not at work you can find me travelling to new and familiar places, hiking, or riding the trails with my quarter horse Zam and my rescue dog Toque.  

Hello, my name is Stiven!

I’m one of the receptionists and assistants here at WRVH since Nov 2022. I joined with the goal of eventually becoming a Vet Tech.

I expected to see dogs and cats starting here; but passion for all animals was rekindled fast after seeing all the incredible patients that come in every day. I’ve learned about many different topics while here. It’s a never ending learning journey here.

My partner and I have two amazing shih tzu’s named Ewie and Chico. I’m excited to announce a baby cockatiel is joining our pack named Julio. You can find me at home avoiding plans so that I can stay in and hang out with my babies.

Hello, my name is Jessie!

I started at Whyte Ridge Vet Hospital as a receptionist after having a great experience here as a client. In fact, I've found veterinary medicine so interesting that I am now on the waitlist to start the Registered Vet Tech program at Red River! 

I have a soft spot for critters (starting with a hamster named Pickles that I hid in my closet when I was 16) and I now share my home with two sweet and sassy guinea pigs named Marley and Penelope. 

When I'm not working you can find me at home relaxing with my guinea pigs while finding ways to celebrate Halloween all year round! 

Hello, my name is Adrianna!

I joined the Whyte Ridge team in September 2023 as a receptionist after working at the Winnipeg Humane Society for 6 years. 

Due to family allergies I grew up with two betta fish (Ribbon and Bow Tie) and two hamsters (Peanut and Moka) - but once I was out on my own I accumulated two wonderful cats named Guinness and Tootsie and one silly dog named Odie. 

When I'm not working at Whyte Ridge you can find me around the city offering my services as a Certified Feline Behavior and Training Consultant through my business Candor Cats;

And when I'm not working at all, you can find me felting or embroidering something weird, watching a new TV Show or Movie, or debating whether I want to eat a chocolate bar or potato chips or both.