Our Facilities

Our front entrance

We are conveniently located at the intersection of Kenaston and Scurfield, tucked behind Dairy Queen, in the Whyte Ridge Shopping Centre.

Our reception area

We have a coffee station where you can relax while your pet is being cared for, as well as a variety of retail products for sale.

While the medical field can be wasteful, we make an effort to lessen the effects on the environment with high-efficiency lighting, a paperless filing system, safe disposal/recycling of supplies, and a constant awareness of how to reduce waste.

This is our treatment and lab area

We have a full laboratory that allows us to run many tests in-house including: Bloodwork, Fecals and urinalysis. This allows for quicker results and diagnosis for your animal.

Here is our dental area including digital dental radiography

Having the ability to take dental radiographs means that we can fully assess your pet's dental needs. We have a specialized dental table and ultrasonic equipment which makes cleaning your pet's teeth much more efficient.

Our digital X-ray machine offers images of clear diagnostic detail

Both our dental and full body X-ray systems are Earth-friendly as they eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in the developing process. Radiographs can be seen within seconds of taking them so that we can diagnose and aid your pets quicker.

This is our Surgical Suite

This is where all of the surgeries are performed by our Doctors while your animal is monitored under the close watch of our trained Veterinary Technologists. We perform everything from spays and neuters, to fracture and ligament repairs.