Dr. Andrew Davidson

Dr. Andrew Davidson graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992, and has enjoyed practicing in his hometown ever since.

His passion to care for animals of all kinds began in childhood, starting with a guinea pig at age 5. Throughout his career he has loved working with many types of companion animals, from dogs and cats to birds and small mammals, as well as more exotic creatures such as snakes and bearded dragons. He relishes the joy of learning about and attending to the various unique needs of each and every pet. There is nothing more satisfying to him than being able to help a pet in need return home with its tail wagging.

In his spare time, he has volunteered many hours helping injured eagles, owls, foxes and other native Manitoba creatures for different local wildlife rehabilitation groups.

At home, he enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking and many other outdoor activities with his wife and three young children. With a growing family, his love of photography has shifted from wildlife and the spectacular natural beauty of the world, to capturing his children chasing butterflies.