We are a full service clinic offering the following:

Preventive Health Care
Surgical Procedures
Dental Procedures
Digital Radiography including Dental Radiography
ECG readings
Internal medicine and cancer care
Exotic Animal Medicine

We treat and care for cats and dogs, small mammals (including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, ferrets, hamsters, rats, etc.), birds, and many types of reptiles and amphibians. Our team of dedicated professionals and technicians love to care for all patients and the special needs they require away from home.
Preventive health care services include annual comprehensive physical exams, vaccines, puppy and kitten counseling, behavioral counseling, nutrition and also weight management consultations. Everything is tailored towards you and your pet's individual needs.

We have a fully equipped surgical suite offering everything from spays and neuters, to fracture and ligament repairs and soft tissue surgery. Both Dr. Davidson and Dr. Dirdala have extensive surgical experience and interests.

Internal medicine and cancer care (chemotherapy) services are available. These services are supported by our in house digital radiography, electrocardiograms, and an in-house laboratory.
The dental suite is fully equipped including a digital dental radiography unit, low and high-speed handpiece and an ultrasonic unit. Digital dental radiography is used to allow us a complete view of your pet's teeth including the roots and adjacent bone. As is the case with people, proper oral health is crucial for your pet's well being.

Dr. Davidson and Dr. Val Dirdala have over 35 years of combined veterinary experience. We also use a wide array of specialty consulting services in Winnipeg and across North America.